Bonaparte - TBD

Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams

Jeff Hanson - Madam Owl

Hello Blue Roses - The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed to Capture Your Beauty

Magnetic Fields - Distortion

Okay - Huggable Dust

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Pershing

Kelley Stoltz - Circular Sounds

Swan Lake - TBD

Vampire Weekend - s/t

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May 12, 2005
Well, Sufjan is definitely in "Can Do No Wrong" phase if you ask me. The interweb is already all abuzz about Illinois, which is out July 5th on Asthmatic Kitty (June 3rd if you pre-order from them), and I too think a new Sufjan album is something worth getting all abuzz about. I would re-type the tracklist here, but my fingers might fall off by the time I'm done typing. Here are mp3s of two of the tracks with shorter names:

::: Casimir Pulaski Day :::
::: The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts :::

Olympia's Kickball, who released the amazing HuckleberryEater last year, are planning their August tour. The tentative schedule is posted here; give them a holler if you can help 'em book a show in your neck of the woods.

And more Portastatic news: Merge is reporting that the new Portastatic full-length, Bright Ideas, is done and will be out in August.

J'you see that thing on Pitchfork about the new Believer comp? Looks good.