Bonaparte - TBD

Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams

Jeff Hanson - Madam Owl

Hello Blue Roses - The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed to Capture Your Beauty

Magnetic Fields - Distortion

Okay - Huggable Dust

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Pershing

Kelley Stoltz - Circular Sounds

Swan Lake - TBD

Vampire Weekend - s/t

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August 13, 2006
I know I just posted about Sprites' new album, Modern Gameplay, just last month, but I've learned a few new things about the disc since then: a.) It's not due out until September now (Darla has a pre-order, though), b.) Mark Robinson did the artwork, and c.) K pointed out this silly lil' track that'll give a smirk to all y'all internet-tube afficionados.

::: Sprites - I Started A Blog Nobody Read :::

How weird is it that Friday I posted about a band called I'm From Barcelona, who are actually from Sweden, and then today I post about Sprites, who are geographically from D.C., but are really from Barcelona?