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August 06, 2007
You've probably heard about Vanderslice's 'Online Tour' thing by now, right? He's hitting a bunch of sites with exclusive live performance videos of songs from his brand new record, Emerald City (note: the 180-gram vinyl version will be out on 9/11). And today's our day-- we've got an exclusive performance of "Central Booking" for you:

Oh BTW, John is playing a private solo show in NYC on 8/17. Click here if you want to get in.

We also sat down with John for a brief interview.
The Catbirdseat John Vanderslice Interview
Catbird: It's common knowledge that the title of your new album, Emerald City, is an homage to the 1978 film 'The Wiz.' What was it about the film that struck such a deep chord within you?

JV: The sexual tension that pulses through that movie is unreal!!! Holy shit. Michael wants to shape-shift INTO diana. YOU CAN FEEL IT.

Catbird: Diana Ross was cast as young Dorothy, even though she was 35 at the time. She ended up turning in a great performance in the role. How is your life, as a touring musician at 40, different compared to what it was like in your 20s?

JV: Ha!! 40?! Ryan, you know I just celebrated my 26th at Pure in Vegas. I gotta get into that wiki bio. It also says I'm a vegan. Man, I make my own foie gras. I got the hoses and everything.

Well, it all feels the same really. and I think that's a good thing. I really like touring, especially the idea of touring.

Catbird: Michael Jackson, under heavy makeup and costuming, played Scarecrow. At the time, no one could have anticipated that one day, all it would take to make MJ look like a Scarecrow would be to simply place a straw hat on his dessicated zomboid frame. As you look back on your career, are there any "I wish I'd known then what I know now" instances that really stand out?

JV: Oh yes!! I was in such a hurry when I was younger, I really felt that time was running out EVERY DAY. Now I'm as lazy and slow as anyone, and I probably get more done. I wish I could've been contacted by my future self and told to chill out.

Catbird: Nipsey Russell was a spendid Tinman. I've always thought of Russell as a sort of more refined Slappy White (though I realize this assertion has launched a million chatroom flame wars). How have your techniques for writing and recording been refined over the years? Are you doing things differently now than you were 10, or even 5, years ago?

JV: Oh yeah, I would say I'm much better at delegating authority, creative and otherwise. My band mates have a lot of say in the studio and Scott Solter operates as my partner. I think this has helped me out quite a bit.

Catbird: The real star of the film, obvs, was Richard Pryor as the Wiz. Richard Pryor was awesome. Remember "The Toy?" That movie ruled.

JV: Remember "The Toy"?? It's my life!

Catbird: So, John, in closing-- as you continue to "Ease On Down The Road," what does the future hold? What can we expect from John Vanderslice between now and the time of our ultimate doom when the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012?

JV: A record every 1.5 years, more plants in my garden, my silver trees growing to 30+ ft, a trip to New Zealand and Vietnam (I hope!), shows in Thailand(!), a camping trip to King's Canyon National Park, and 10,000 more photographs.