Bonaparte - TBD

Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams

Jeff Hanson - Madam Owl

Hello Blue Roses - The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed to Capture Your Beauty

Magnetic Fields - Distortion

Okay - Huggable Dust

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Pershing

Kelley Stoltz - Circular Sounds

Swan Lake - TBD

Vampire Weekend - s/t

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October 10, 2007
Deftly mixing the best elements from The Bends and Kid A/Amnesiac, In Rainbows proves that Radiohead have still got it. A truly beautiful, enjoyable (and surprsingly accessible) album. From the lead-off track "15 Step" (the perfect opener, setting the tone for the masterful mixing of the organic and electronic to come) to the closing track, "Videotape," Radiohead does not disappoint; it's all here: soaring anthems, lovely ballads, blips and bleeps, and myriad other postmodern electronic flourishes. 3.5 stars.

PLEASE NOTE: I have not downloaded or listened to In Rainbows.

Oh, and PS: the downloading process? Smooth and painless! A+++++ WOULD DEAL WITH AGAIN!!!!